Simone Biles and Me

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 BR, via Wikimedia Commons On Sunday July 24th I texted my boss and informed her that because my dad’s declining health needed my attention and because I did not believe I could make significant improvements in my work, that I would be resigning immediately without giving two weeksContinue reading “Simone Biles and Me”

I’m Sick of This Shit

I have trouble telling people things they don’t want to hear. That can be a problem with my current job. The week had been going ok until toward the end of today (Thursday). I got a call from the wife of a former worker at my company. The wife claimed that the worker’s boss hadContinue reading “I’m Sick of This Shit”

Trying to Escape my Current Job

A few weeks ago I had two interviews–one at a grocery and the other at a retail establishment. I was actually accepted for for the retail job (as an “apparel clerk”). My schedule would have started at 20 hours a week at minimum wage. This would be a significant downgrade from my current job whichContinue reading “Trying to Escape my Current Job”


My biggest problem at my job continues to be auditory processing and lacking the confidence to stand up to callers when necessary. Yesterday an angry employee of our company called because she’d been unable to get her expense report approved and have the company reimburse her for it. The reimbursement amount was around $1100. SheContinue reading “Turmoil”

Still at the end of My Rope

Last Monday was dreadful. I was stupefied by questions from callers and sometimes berated by my trainer. That night my pompous, domineering step-mother ordered that I must continue at the job for the time being. She said that I should continue to badger my job coach to provide the assistance she has so far notContinue reading “Still at the end of My Rope”

Have I reached the end of my rope?

This past week at work was pretty bad. I struggled to take calls from fellow company employees who had questions relating to the company’s expense reporting system. My trainer has frequently been unpleasant with me when I put the caller on hold and ask him to give me the information the caller is requesting. IfContinue reading “Have I reached the end of my rope?”

Being Full of Shit

Part of my job involves answering calls from vendors wondering about the status of invoices owed to them by my emplolyer, a major health care provider. Sometimes an invoice may be placed on hold because certifications needs to be obtained from multiple branches of the company that the vendor is providing quality service at aContinue reading “Being Full of Shit”

Trying to Find Accomodations at Work

Yesterday, my job coach created a short draft of possible accomodations that I should ask for in spite of my employer refusing to consider accomodations for me because I lack a recent neuro-psych evaluation. My diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, along with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and ADD, occurred in 2012. This list of possible accomodations includedContinue reading “Trying to Find Accomodations at Work”

Things Ain’t Going Real Good Right Now

Today at work was not good. First of all, I finally received a response from a company official about possible Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accomodations. I was informed that my diangostic report from 2012 was too old and that any accomodations would have to be based on a new diagnosis. Second, my trainer wasContinue reading “Things Ain’t Going Real Good Right Now”

Difficulties at Work

My current job–a call center gig–revolves around verbal communication, a skill in which I’m significantly lacking. It also revolves around relatively quick auditory processing and high energy–skills which I’m also found wanting. This past Monday, during a team huddle on WebEx, I leaned to the side of my work desk to look at my notebookContinue reading “Difficulties at Work”

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