Simone Biles and Me

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 BR, via Wikimedia Commons On Sunday July 24th I texted my boss and informed her that because my dad’s declining health needed my attention and because I did not believe I could make significant improvements in my work, that I would be resigning immediately without giving two weeksContinue reading “Simone Biles and Me”

I’m Sick of This Shit

I have trouble telling people things they don’t want to hear. That can be a problem with my current job. The week had been going ok until toward the end of today (Thursday). I got a call from the wife of a former worker at my company. The wife claimed that the worker’s boss hadContinue reading “I’m Sick of This Shit”

Difficulties at Work

My current job–a call center gig–revolves around verbal communication, a skill in which I’m significantly lacking. It also revolves around relatively quick auditory processing and high energy–skills which I’m also found wanting. This past Monday, during a team huddle on WebEx, I leaned to the side of my work desk to look at my notebookContinue reading “Difficulties at Work”

Update on My Dad’s Condition

After seemingly being on the upswing yesterday, my dad’s condition has taken a turn for the worse. The doctors no longer believe he has Meningitis but some rarer infection that my step-mom couldn’t prononounce when she relayed the news to me. His constant headaches are more excruciating and his back and neck are incredibly stiff.Continue reading “Update on My Dad’s Condition”

The Trainer at my New Job and my Dad’s Condition

In the middle of last night, my father went to the emergency room and finally received a diagnosis for the excruciating headache, chills, blurred vision and other symptoms he’d experienced for the previous ten days: Meningitis. Actually the doctors aren’t completely sure that it’s Meningitis; one of them suggested he might have Valley Fever.  EarlyContinue reading “The Trainer at my New Job and my Dad’s Condition”

A New Job–After a Year’s Vacation

After two months of varying degrees of misery on my last job as a conference room furniture set up and take down person. I began what was to be a year long paid pandemic-related furlough from this job on March 10, 2020. In spite of pressure in the mean time  to find another job andContinue reading “A New Job–After a Year’s Vacation”

An Autistic Man’s Reminisce of Walmart Employment

From November of last year until last month I worked as a personal shopper in the Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) department of my local Walmart. About half the job involved picking items from the sales floor–mostly groceries–that had been ordered online by customers for in-store pickup. The other half of the job involved preparing ordersContinue reading “An Autistic Man’s Reminisce of Walmart Employment”

Autistic and Trying to Survive an Incompatible Workplace

For me, going to work is quite an ordeal in spite of the fact that my employer is aware of my Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis and has taken two steps to accommodate me: I have been given a shift where my co-workers are less disagreeable than on other shifts and am being provided with extensive trainingContinue reading “Autistic and Trying to Survive an Incompatible Workplace”

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