Still at the end of My Rope

Last Monday was dreadful. I was stupefied by questions from callers and sometimes berated by my trainer. That night my pompous, domineering step-mother ordered that I must continue at the job for the time being. She said that I should continue to badger my job coach to provide the assistance she has so far notContinue reading “Still at the end of My Rope”

Difficulties at Work

My current job–a call center gig–revolves around verbal communication, a skill in which I’m significantly lacking. It also revolves around relatively quick auditory processing and high energy–skills which I’m also found wanting. This past Monday, during a team huddle on WebEx, I leaned to the side of my work desk to look at my notebookContinue reading “Difficulties at Work”

One-on-One with My Boss

This past Wendnesday I had my first one-on-one with my boss and team lead at my new job. I’d been advised by my job coach and step-mother as to what I should say about my disabilitiy. I expected the boss might bring up during the meeting some issue of me under-performing in the training butContinue reading “One-on-One with My Boss”

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