Have I reached the end of my rope?

This past week at work was pretty bad. I struggled to take calls from fellow company employees who had questions relating to the company’s expense reporting system. My trainer has frequently been unpleasant with me when I put the caller on hold and ask him to give me the information the caller is requesting. IfContinue reading “Have I reached the end of my rope?”

Reminisce of a Past Job Experience/Office Skills Training (Part 2)

Those first three months with Nicole supervising my front desk training were very stressful. I was in a constant state of anxiety, which increased my proneness to mistakes. I remember one incident about a month into my tenure. One of my tasks at the end of my duty of picking up and dropping off mailContinue reading “Reminisce of a Past Job Experience/Office Skills Training (Part 2)”

Some Thoughts on my Stims

As an Autistic person and one with ADHD, I stim in some of the following ways: hand flapping (in my case more of a fierce hand shaking), eating and smelling the tips of my fingers. I never find myself doing these except when I’m by myself. Another stim relates to what would seem to beContinue reading “Some Thoughts on my Stims”

Status Update on My Coronavirus Social Distancing

Since March 10th, I’ve been on paid leave from my place of employment because of the Coronavirus. This leave was originally scheduled to end on March 26th but yesterday was extended to April 7th. Meanwhile, the stress level of my life has temporarily been greatly reduced. My father and stepmother are in Arizona. I’m allContinue reading “Status Update on My Coronavirus Social Distancing”

I Hate Working with other People

I hate working with other people, especially in matters of physical labor. In activities involving manual dexterity, I learn slower, sometimes much slower, than other people. It is difficult to embed the process involved within my muscle memory. My preferred learning style in such situations is a solitary trial and error process. I prefer toContinue reading “I Hate Working with other People”

An Autistic man in a job designed for Allistics

I start work at 6 AM. After I clock in, I ‘check in” with my supervisor by poking my head behind the wall of his cubicle and say “good morning.” This greeting alerts him to my presence and readiness to be assigned a partner to provide me with special mentoring–in light of my learning disabilities–forContinue reading “An Autistic man in a job designed for Allistics”

An Autistic Man’s Reminisce of Walmart Employment

From November of last year until last month I worked as a personal shopper in the Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) department of my local Walmart. About half the job involved picking items from the sales floor–mostly groceries–that had been ordered online by customers for in-store pickup. The other half of the job involved preparing ordersContinue reading “An Autistic Man’s Reminisce of Walmart Employment”

Lost Employment Dreams of an Over-educated Autistic Man

In August 2011 I received my Master of Arts in History. The road to this degree was full of struggle and its conclusion was highly disappointing, even devastating: I received only a B on my Master’s Thesis. Nonetheless my initial idiotic assumption was that this degree would carry great weight in the job market. IContinue reading “Lost Employment Dreams of an Over-educated Autistic Man”

Stuck in a Difficult Job Situation (for the Umpteenth Time)

As I implied in my introductory post, my current employment situation is distressing. It requires manual dexterity skills as well as social skills that I don’t have in great quantity. One of the department managers has been assigned to train me. He says I’ve been picking up the basic tasks of the job fairly well.Continue reading “Stuck in a Difficult Job Situation (for the Umpteenth Time)”

My Search For Employment as an Autistic Adult

I’m forty one years old with a master’s degree in history. Seven and a half years ago — not long after I earned that degree and at which point I’d accumulated little experience in terms of paid employment — I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. As part of the IQ test portion of the diagnosticContinue reading “My Search For Employment as an Autistic Adult”

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